Art Deco Degué glass bowl
  • Art Deco Degué glass bowl
  • Shallow glass bowl by Degué
  • Glass bowl by Degué
  • Degué Art Deco bowl
  • Degué Art Deco glass bowl
  • Degué glass

Shallow Glass Bowl by Degué

Item Description

Art Deco shallow moulded glass bowl with a geometric design from the french company Degué dating from the early to mid 1930's.

Smooth on the upper side, the strong moulded pattern is on the underside only but can be clearly seen in great detail when viewed from any angle.

In a clear blue glass, with a diameter of 39.5 cm and showing the moulded signature Degué together with the number 1939. 

The Degué glassworks was started and run by David Guéron (1892-1950), firstly in Compiègne before moving production to Paris in 1926 as the company became more successful. 

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