Fritz Heckert enamelled glass vase
  • Fritz Heckert enamelled glass vase
  • Fritz Heckert floral vase
  • Fritz Heckert Jugendstil vase
  • Fritz Heckert Jugendstil enamelled vase
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  • Fritz Heckert glass vase
  • Fritz Heckert glass
  • Fritz Heckert enamelled vase
  • Fritz Heckert of Petersdorf

Fritz Heckert Floral Vase

Item Description

Clear optically blown glass vase from the Petersdorf glassworks of Fritz Heckert, decorated with strongly coloured enamelling of stylised flowers and leaves and a pair of applied raised glass centres to the flowers at the sides. 

The crisp enamelling stands out so well against the clear glass, particularly in view of the chosen vibrant colours.

Finished at the rim with a scalloped design feature in yellow bordered by two narrow red lines, below which is a circle of small linked dots.

Dating from circa 1895-1900 and in excellent condition.

Marked beneath with the initials FH together with further letters and numbers that are difficult to decipher. The height is just over 21 cm.

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