Antique wall plaque of Mercury
  • Antique wall plaque of Mercury
  • Oak framed plaque of Mercury
  • Wall plaque of the god Mercury
  • Silvered plaque of Mercury
  • Antique Mercury wall plaque

Oak Framed Wall Plaque of Mercury

Item Description

Metal - possibly pewter- wall plaque with a selective silvered finish, depicting the mythical Roman god Mercury, son of Jupiter, flying towards the sun.

Naked apart from his winged helmet, and holding forward in his right hand a staff, correctly known as a caduceus, which is a symbol of peace. 

Affixed inside its original grooved and dark stained Oak frame, this is a stunning little plaque with a pleasing old patina.

Monogrammed in the top left corner either WO or OW and dated 1909, the overall size is a little over 27 cm wide by just over 17 cm high.   

Price £290.00

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