Art Nouveau gilded wax seal
  • Art Nouveau gilded wax seal
  • Art Nouveau Wax Seal
  • Art Nouveau gilded seal
  • Art Nouveau figural wax seal
  • Art Nouveau figural seal
  • Art Nouveau seal attr. to Bouval
  • Antique Art Nouveau Wax Seal
  • Antique Art Nouveau seal

Art Nouveau Wax Seal

Item Description

Art Nouveau gilded bronze seal attributed to Maurice Bouval but unsigned.

A truly delightful object in excellent condition depicting a beautiful young maiden with her head slightly inclined.  She has that typically serene look, with gently downcast eyes and is wearing flowers in her long hair which falls around her, framing her face.

The seal is unused with its underside still blank.  It is very well balanced, standing around 8.25 cm high with no inclination to topple.

Dating from circa 1900.

Price £340.00

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