Fleetwood Varley waterside scene
  • Fleetwood Varley waterside scene
  • Charles Fleetwood Varley waterside scene
  • Enamelled waterside scene by Fleetwood Varley
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Waterside Scene with Rainbow attr. to Fleetwood Varley

Item Description

Simply beautiful enamelled waterside scene with trees in the foreground and a rainbow in the sky above, partially reflected in the water.

The colours are so carefully chosen, with subtle gold highlights and a dusting beneath the trees giving the suggestion of wild flowers growing amongst the grass.

Many hours of highly skilled labour must have gone into producing this picture which has been set in a recessed black lacquered frame which helps to protect the surface.

Strongly attributed to Charles Fleetwood Varley, much of whose work remained unsigned, especially when produced for those retailers he supplied, including Liberty. 

The overall size of the framed picture is a tiny fraction over 11.5 cm high by a touch below 21 cm wide. The visible enamelled plaque measures just over 6 cm high by 15 cm wide.

Circa 1905 and in very good condition.

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