Enamel picture \'Le Verger\' by Fernand Bovy
  • Enamel picture \'Le Verger\' by Fernand Bovy
  • Fernand Bovy enamel picture
  • \'The Orchard\' by Fernand Bovy
  • Enamel picture by Fernand Bovy
  • \'Le Verger\' by Fernand Bovy
  • Fernand Bovy, Swiss enameller

'Le Verger' by Fernand Bovy

Item Description

Antique oval enamel picture by Fernand Bovy titled 'Le Verger' (The Orchard).

Little is known about Bovy who came from the Swiss village of Hermance, part of the municipality of Geneva, and this presumably is a scene from the local orchard at harvest time.

Enamelled in vibrant colours in the style of the French impressionist painters of the period, this is a delightful image showing the local women filling baskets to the brim with what appear to be ripe pears direct from the trees.

In the original old rectangular frame with a somewhat worn velvet mount which adds to the overall character of the piece.

The artist's sticker is still affixed to the back, with the original price in francs having been scratched out at some time in the past. 

Overall size is 18.5 cm high by 21 wide, with the enamelled image measuring 11 by a little over 13 cm.

Price £485.00

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