Enamel, or more correctly vitreous enamel, has been used as a method of decoration in the fields of decorative art and jewellery for many hundreds of years. During the Middle Ages beautiful enamelling work was produced in both France and Germany.  From medieval times, Limoges in France became especially famous for its fine enamels, many of which decorated various objects used in the Christian churches. British enamellers gained prominence during the 17th and 18th centuries and later still the Russian House of Fabergé became world famous for its stunning enamel work. Our selection concentrates on 19th and 20th century examples, many from Limoges but also from this country when we can source suitable pieces. Pictures of various sizes, some to be hung and others on stands, together with boxes and other other objects are all offered here. We also stock a large selection of enamelled jewellery which can be seen in our Jewellery section.

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