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Father Time Marble and Dinanderie Clock by Mergier

Item Description

Rare and highly stylish Art Deco clock by the French master of the art of dinanderie Paul-Louis Mergier (1891-1986).

With a delightfully curved outline and depicting on the face the artists portrayal of the bearded Father Time (often confused with the god Chronos), seated on the ground with a naked young woman worshiping at his feet while a winged cherub hovers nearby.

These figures are set against a background of the sun rising above dark clouds with greenery below.  It's a stunning image and so very apt for a clock face. 

The frame of the clock is made of marble variegated in assorted shades of brown, with a lighter coloured marble section inserted at the back. 

Additionally decorated with a repeat-pattern gold coloured band all round the curved circumference, surmounted by a floral and foliate motif on the top.

There are two apertures for winding, the one facing on the left being for the chimer.

Circa 1930 and signed at the base of the front P. Mergier, the height is 29 cm and the width 26 cm.

We have not had this clock checked over but it runs when wound - albeit rather fast - and the bell chimes. It would however undoubtedly benefit from a professional service which, in view of its weight, we feel would be best left to a new owner in case any delicate adjustment or balance might be disturbed in transit.

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