Art Deco Belisha Beacon Clock
  • Art Deco Belisha Beacon Clock
  • Belisha Beacon clock
  • 1930\'s Belisha Beacon clock
  • Smith\'s Belisha Beacon clock

Belisha Beacon Clock

Item Description

English Art Deco clock made by Smiths for the upmarket Liverpool jewellers Boodle & Dunthorne, now known as Boodles.

Commemorating the very recent introduction of 'Belisha Beacon' pedestrian crossings, at which traffic was instructed to stop if someone was waiting by them to cross the road. They were named after the then Minister of Transport, Leslie Hore-Belisha and first appeared in 1934, proving a great novelty and talking point at the time.

This stylish little eight-day clock, a square turned on to one corner, is mounted in the middle of the road between the two stripy poles topped with their orange beacons.

The clock face can be swivelled up or down and the movement is in working order, although it would probably benefit from a professional service.

Dating from around 1935, 18 cm wide, 3.5 deep and 12.5 cm high

Price £460.00

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