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The Banjo Player

Item Description

Fabulous terracotta bust of a straw-hatted black American banjo player, from Friedrich Goldscheider dating from circa 1890-95.

The large size accentuates the wonderfully fine detail to every facet of this figure, with the fabric of his clothes, the straw of his hat and even his moustache and beard appearing so realistic.

He looks to be a real character, smiling and holding his head confidently high as he plays and sings.

Painted in typical carefully chosen Goldscheider colours which were always on the muted side but just colourful enough to have impact. 

The wooden banjo is original, the edge of the round body having received a small professional repair at the point where the strings are attached.  

Numbered verso 628/15 and with a height of a touch over 69 cm. Signed indistinctly to one side but the artist does not appear to be known and is not recorded in either of the books mentioned below.

Lit: Dechant/Goldscheider p. 296 - also Pinhas p. 30

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