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Goldscheider Bust by Nelson

Item Description

Wonderful bust of a Nouveau maiden originally sculpted by Alphonse-Henri Nelson and produced by Fr. Goldscheider around 1900.  The title is Ondine although it has also been recorded as Oudine.  Such a classic Art Nouveau look with her head turned slightly, eyes cast a little downward and her long hair falling forward over one shoulder.

We found this bust in a brocante in western France, tucked away at the back and looking as though it had been there for years.  The shop owner wasn't that keen on selling it, saying he would miss her as he considered her part of the family...   Great characters some of these old French dealers.

Lovely antiquey colours, all bronzy-browns and greeny-beiges.  However the finish has suffered to a certain degree over the years as can be seen from the photographs.  A good restorer could easily see to this if thought necessary, but we feel the age-related wear just adds to this bust's charm and character - after all it is around 115 years old.

Approximately 61 cm high, marked with the usual Goldscheider marks and signed Nelson on one shoulder.  Model no. 2091/439/5.

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