Goldscheider bust of a Bedouin woman
  • Goldscheider bust of a Bedouin woman
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  • Auguste Maurice Lévèque
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  • Orientalist bust by Goldscheider
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  • Friedrich Goldscheider
  • Goldscheider model no. 1101

Goldscheider Bedouin Woman

Item Description

Fabulous Orientalist terracotta bust from Goldscheider of a north African Bedouin woman wearing a large scarf on her head together with a loose shawl below her shoulders.

She has a quite stunning face, combining strength and beauty and is captured in quiet repose, looking down over her left shoulder.

Sculpted by the artist Auguste Maurice Lévèque circa 1897, this bust shows very fine detail and colouring, particularly the ebony skin tones.

Originally produced in more than one size, this is the largest at approximately  63 cm in height.

Marked verso with the Friedrich Goldschider signature and numbered 1101/15/52. 

In excellent condition with just a very few minimal small marks, as can be seen from our photos, and a small chip to the front left corner of the base which could be touched up if thought necessary.

Lit. Dechant/Goldscheider pp. 38 & 312 - also Pinhas pp. 21, 67 & 68 

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