Art Nouveau bust \'Esclave\'
  • Art Nouveau bust \'Esclave\'
  • Art Nouveau terracotta bust \"Esclave\"
  • Art Nouveau \"Esclave\"
  • Art Nouveau \"Esclave\" by Vannuèri
  • Art Nouveau slave girl bust
  • Art Nouveau \"Esclave\" bust
  • Art Nouveau maiden bust
  • Art Nouveau terracotta maiden bust
  • H. Vannuèri Art Nouveau bust
  • \"Esclave\" by H. Vannuèri
  • Art Nouveau bust of girl

"Esclave" by Vannuèri

Item Description

Fabulous large size Art Nouveau terracotta bust titled "Esclave".

Beautifully modelled and cast, this is a bust of very high quality, signed by the artist and sculptor H. Vannuèri, about whom we've been unable to find any information. 

The subject is a young maiden, captured looking to one side with her head and eyes slightly lowered.  She is a striking looking woman and her serious expression accentuates her beauty.  The facial features of the model have been so well captured, and with her long tresses falling forward over one shoulder and tumbling down her back, the artist has created a really strong image.

Painted in shades of green with darker detail to the hair and folds of the clothing, this bust is in very good condition with just a few small slightly time-worn areas where the red terracotta shows through the finish. 

Dating from around 1900, signed to one side H. Vannuèri and with an applied seal verso stating 'Décor garanti inaltérable' and 'Eté S.C.D.G.'   There appears to have originally been a further seal which is now missing - this was almost certainly confirming details of an awarded medal for the work.

The height is approximately 53 cm and the width around 50 cm. 

Price £2,100.00

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