Sculptors have been fashioning busts for many hundreds of years but most of those we offer are from the era of Art Nouveau. Deco busts are less frequently seen but from time to time can be found and we like to offer them when we can. Traditionally, looking back through history, busts often depicted heroic, scholarly or otherwise important figures, mostly men. However, the Art Nouveau artists were, to a much greater degree, captivated by the beauty and mystery of women and it was women who they mostly chose as their subjects. The wonderfully expressive faces, some modest looking or even shy, others quietly pensive, and yet others still with a knowing and confident look, offer a world of variety and we’ve always found that a carefully chosen bust displays as a real focal point and makes a great conversation piece. Interior designers have long seen their use as an ideal finishing touch to complete a design scheme. They can vary in size from small cabinet busts at around 14-15 cm. up to pretty much life size. Unsurprisingly, over the years many have received the odd knock or scuff but these minor age-related defects should not be of great concern. We offer what we hope is an interesting selection in terracotta, bronze, plaster and other media and with a wide range of values.

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