Otto Schmidt-Hofer bronze nude
  • Otto Schmidt-Hofer bronze nude
  • Schmidt-Hofer bronze nude
  • Nude with Scarf and Parrot
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  • Nude with Scarf and Parrot
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Nude with Scarf and Parrot

Item Description

Striking gilt-bronze figure of a young nude woman with a parrot perched on her left arm.  She has her head tilted slightly to one side as she looks towards the bird, her other hand resting on her hip and with a scarf or perhaps a towel draped over her arm.  All she is wearing is a rather ornate head-dress over her stylish hair.

By the German sculptor Otto Schmidt-Hofer (1873-1925) and dating from circa 1910.

Signed Schmidt-Hofer on the socle and mounted on a two-tier square marbled base.  

In good, clean condition with just a few inevitable age related marks to the patina. The height is a little over 41 cm.

Price £1,985.00

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