M. Guiraud Rivière dancer
  • M. Guiraud Rivière dancer
  • Art Deco Guiraud-Rivière dancer
  • Guiraud-Rivière dancer with ball
  • Art Deco dancer with ball
  • Guiraud-Rivière Dancer
  • Guiraud-Rivière ball dancer
  • Art Deco bronze ball dancer

Guiraud-Rivière Dancer

Item Description

Art Deco dark patinated bronze sculpture 'Dancer with Ball' by the Toulouse born Maurice Guiraud-Rivière.

The nude dancer is seen about to catch the small ball that she's holding in her raised left hand whilst at the same time dancing with one leg raised.  Try doing that at home after a couple of glasses of wine...

This well known sculpture was edited in two sizes, this being  the smaller one at approximately 32 cm high including its attractive variegated marble base.

Signed in the marble Guiraud Rivière.

Lit:  Catley, p. 182 (larger edition). 

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