Bronze Nude by Marcel Bouraine
  • Bronze Nude by Marcel Bouraine
  • Bronze Nude by Bouraine
  • Art Deco Bronze by Bouraine
  • Bouraine Art Deco Bronze Nude
  • Marcel Bouraine Art Deco
  • Art Deco Bronze Nude
  • Art Deco Nude by Bouraine
  • Marcel Bouraine Bronze Nude
  • Art Deco Bouraine Nude
  • Marcel Bouraine Art Deco Bronze

Bronze Nude by Bouraine

Item Description

A very fine golden patinated bronze of a young nude woman standing on a rocky surface.  She has her back arched and her arms outstretched above her head and appears to be enjoying the warmth of the sun on her naked body.  Her wavy hair is loosely tumbling down her back as well as framing her smiling face.  In fact she looks the epitome of youthful happy abandon and freedom.

Sculpted by Marcel Bouraine (1886-1948), this figure has wonderfully flowing lines and he has captured the model's pose quite beautifully. 

This is an old original edition dating circa 1930, the height of the Art Deco era.  Signed M. Bouraine on the naturalistic socle and also marked 'bronze'. Further mounted on a rectangular black marble base.

One or two minor marks to the patina but overall in excellent condition.

The total height is around 56 cm with the figure alone measuring 51 cm. The base measures approximately 20 X 13.5 cm.

Price £2,480.00

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