Art Deco pair of panthers
  • Art Deco pair of panthers
  • Art Deco Panther Pair
  • Two Art Deco Panthers
  • Art Deco Spelter Panther Pair
  • Art Deco Panthers
  • Art Metal Deco Panther Pair
  • Le Verrier Foundry

Panther Pair

Item Description

An appealing pair of Art Deco cold-painted spelter panthers which, although unmarked, were almost certainly cast at the Le Verrier foundry in the late 1930's.

A peaceful scene as the animals who, it's clear to see, enjoy a close bond, relax in a seated position while both glancing in the same direction at something that has obviously caught thier eye.

The figures are finished in a dark antique green colour that suits them very well.

Secured to a black and white striated marble base measuring 30 by a little over 9  cm.  The height is around 15 cm.

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