Karl Ens Cockatoo
  • Karl Ens Cockatoo
  • Crested Cockatoo from Karl Ens
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  • Karl Ens Crested Parrot
  • Crested Parrot from Karl Ens
  • Crested Cockatoo from Karl Ens
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Crested Cockatoo from Karl Ens

Item Description

Very fine porcelain figure of a crested cockatoo from Karl Ens of Volkstedt, made in the 1930's.

Vividly coloured in green and yellow, these colours standing out all the more as the bird stands on a stylised white glazed branch.  He is looking over his left wing and has a very impressive erect comb which just adds to his appeal.

The attention to detail is clear to see and is so typical of this maker's work.

Around 29 cm tall and bearing the green windmill mark together with the impressed model number 7140. The condition is excellent.

Price £295.00

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