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There is without doubt a huge variety of quite wonderful objects and artefacts designed and made by exponents of the Arts & Crafts movement, craftsmen who simply couldn't accept the new industrialisation and commercial expansion that spread so rapidly in the mid to late 1800's.  Their thinking was to take a different approach to both the design and the making of everything from fabrics to teaspoons, from jewellery to furniture and even architecture.  There was no particular overall style, more of a back to basics approach with some items very simply fashioned whilst others were sometimes richly detailed.  However, the influence of Art Nouveau is often seen in Arts & Crafts design. Liberty's has traditionally always been a great supporter of both movements, so much so that the term 'Liberty Style' is frequently heard when the Arts & Crafts movement is referred to.  We show at the bottom a few of our recently sold items.  You will find our selection of Arts & Crafts jewellery listed in our Jewellery category alongside items from from the Nouveau and Deco eras.  

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