Oil painting by Aimé Stevens
  • Oil painting by Aimé Stevens
  • \'Lady in Pink\' by Aimé Stevens
  • Painting of a lady in pink
  • Aime Stevens oil on canvas
  • Aimé Stevens artist
  • Lady in Pink

'Young Woman with a Pink Parasol' by Aimé Stevens

Item Description

Framed oil on canvas by the Belgian artist Aimé Stevens (1879-1951) titled 'Jeune Femme à l'Ombrelle Rose'.

Seated rather demurely on a sandy beach, with the tide receding behind her, the young lady who is the subject of the picture is dressed entirely in a very fetching shade of rose-pink and shading herself from the sun with a matching parasol.

Her stockinged feet protrude just below the hem of her dress and she's wearing a ruffle brimmed mob-cap on her head, her dark hair framing her face.

Looking directly at the viewer, there's a slight look of surprise on her face as if perhaps her quiet thoughts have been suddenly interrupted.

This is a striking original image from a highly regarded artist whose work has been reproduced commercially and is widely available in print form.

The visible area of canvas measures 59 X 39 cm and the overall framed size is approximately 74 X 54 cm.

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