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Limoges Enamel Portrait of a Young Woman

Item Description

Stunningly beautiful framed Limoges enamel on copper portrait of a sultry young woman with long chestnut coloured hair.

Depicted a little under half length, the subject is inclining her head back and to one side, with her lips parted and her eyes looking slightly downwards.

She's wearing an almost transparent shawl which has slipped from her shoulders, beneath which she is holding a string of pearls.

The image stands out from its richly dark background with the fabric below providing a vivid splash of red and gold.

Signed somewhat indistinctly on the left side with a signature that possibly reads Carlis or Carils but we are unable to find any information on either name.

Sourced in France and dating from the late 1800's, the overall size is 35.5 by 29.5 cm with the enamel alone measuring a fraction over 22.5 by 16.5 cm.

Price £1,250.00

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