Framed Enamel Fairy on Copper
  • Framed Enamel Fairy on Copper
  • Enamelled fairy stealing redcurants
  • Arthur Rackham enamelled picture
  • Arthur Rackham framed enamel fairy

Framed Copper Plaque with Enamelled Fairy

Item Description

Completely charming enamelled picture on a convex copper plaque of a fairy stealing redcurrants.  She's captured flying away holding the sprig of leaves and berries beneath her, with an expression of surprise at having been caught literally red-handed.

It's a wonderful image which we are reliably informed is after a design by the revered artist and book illustrator Arthur Rackham (1867-1939).

There is no signature apparent but the enamelling is of superb quality.

Still in its original and rather worn old frame which we've made no attempt to restore, preferring to leave it just as it is.

Measuring 14.5 X 12 cm overall with the image alone approximately 9 X 6.5 cm.

A rare collector's piece dating from circa 1920.

Price £2,350.00

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