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Silver and Mother-of-Pearl Necklace

Item Description

Very fine Arts & Crafts necklace ornately crafted in silver with a snowflake-shaped carved and pierced mother-of-pearl plaque set in the centre.

The silver wirework frame comprises both plain and rope-patterned wire and is fashioned into an interlinked entrelac design, embellished with clusters of little silver balls at intervals around the edge.

Similar clusters are arranged into small stylised flowers at each alternate point of the mother-of-pearl snowflake.

Suspended from the bottom is a circular silver wirework spiral set with a mother-of-pearl disc in its centre and below this is a set blister pearl drop.

Two similar drops hang on short lengths of chain on either side.

The main element measures just a touch over 8 cm long, including the central drop, and is attached to a hand-made necklace chain with further intricate design detail.

Opened out, the total length of the necklace is 47 cm.

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