Jugendstil scarab brooch
  • Jugendstil scarab brooch
  • Plique-a-Jour scarab brooch
  • Pforzheim plique-a-jour scarab brooch
  • Egyptian revival scarab brooch

Plique-à-Jour Scarab Brooch

Item Description

Late 19th / early 20th century Egyptian revival silver brooch designed by Otto Prutscher and made in Pforzheim.

A stylised flying scarab with plique-à-jour enamelled wings and clutching little faceted peridots at each end.

The body of the insect is in a rich red-brown colour, contrasting well with the lighter shades of the enamel.

No maker's mark but showing an 800 silver mark and the number 2.

Both the length and the width are approximately 3 cm.

Lit:  Art Nouveau Jewellery from Pforzheim, Fritz Falk, p. 214 - shown with a blister pearl centre.

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