Arts & Crafts plique-a-jour necklace
  • Arts & Crafts plique-a-jour necklace
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Plique-à-Jour Necklace

Item Description

Silver Arts & Crafts necklace in the form of little stylised winged insects, each separated by a short length of chain set with a baroque pearl.

A six-petalled fully open flower with a mother-of-pearl centre forms the first part of the central drop, with a wing pearl and tiny red cabochon completing it, mirroring the drops on either side.

Plique-à-jour enamelled in a shade of pinky mauve, with the contrast between the colours of the three main components working delightfully.

The necklace is 44 cm long overall and the all original chainwork matches throughout.

The central feature together with its drop is a touch under 5 cm in length.  

Price £425.00

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