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Murrle Bennett Gold Brooch Pendant with Wood Opals

Item Description

Art Nouveau 15 ct. gold brooch pendant from Murrle Bennett set with three strongly coloured wood opals and another at the drop. 

This is a classic Murrle Bennett outline with a further detail of deep blue plique-à-jour enamelling in the lower part of the design.

The juxtaposition of the three opals, with a tiny seed pearl sitting in their centre, gives the impression of three stylised leaflets above a narrow stem. 

Dating from circa 1900 and elegant in the extreme, the brooch is a tiny fraction over 3.5 cm long and 3 cm wide.

As can be seen in the last two photos, there are two very small holes in the top of the brooch, towards the sides, enabling a chain to be attached if desired.

Price £960.00

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