Jugendstil plique-a-jour pendant
  • Jugendstil plique-a-jour pendant
  • Jugendstil silver and plique-à-jour pendant
  • Art Nouveau plique-à-jour pendant
  • Jugendstil silver and plique-à-jour jewellery
  • Jugendstil jewellery
  • Jugendstil jewellery from Pforzheim
  • Art Nouveau jewellery from Pforzheim

Jugendstil Silver and Plique-à-Jour Pendant

Item Description

Jugendstil openwork sterling silver pendant with a detail of three elegantly tapering leaves plique-à-jour enamelled in a shade of light green.

The enamelling of the leaves is contained within tiny cells, each one separated by fine silver veining. 

At the foot, five carefully chosen baroque wing pearls fan out, with each one secured by a little silver calyx.

No maker's mark but almost certainly made in Pforzheim circa 1900, with just the word sterling on the back. 

Midway between 3.5 and 4 cm long from the fixed bale to the bottom of the central pearl, with the necklace chain measuring 59 cm.

Price £645.00

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