French Art Nouveau gold necklace
  • French Art Nouveau gold necklace
  • French Art Nouveau necklace
  • Art Nouveau gold and amethyst necklace
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French Art Nouveau Necklace attr. to Henri-Victor Miault

Item Description

Very beautiful French Art Nouveau gold necklace set with a central faceted amethyst stone attributed to Henri-Victor Miault. 

Crafted in the form of a cluster of downward pointlng slender bell-shaped flowers on long sweeping stems fashioned in gold wirework.

Suspended at each side below a pair of side attachments formed as single flowers.

A little drop set with a matching stone completes a very elegant design.

We can find no marks but the gold tests as 18 ct.

Early 1900's and measuring approximately 10 cm from the top of the side attachments. The lovely old chain measures a further 32 cm. 

Price £2,000.00

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