Kochendorfer terracotta bust
  • Kochendorfer terracotta bust
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  • Kochendorfer bust
  • Kochendorfer terracotta bust of a woman
  • Fritz Kochendorfer bust of a noblewoman
  • Fritz Kochendörfer bust of a woman
  • Fritz Kochendörfer bust
  • Fritz Kochendörfer
  • Kochendörfer impressed seal

Kochendörfer Bust of a Noblewoman

Item Description

Large and impressive terracotta bust by the noted German sculptor Fritz Kochendörfer (b. 1871).

The lady is wearing a sumptuous gown of deep red and gold and her long hair is tied back in an ornate roll on top and at the back, held in place with tightly wound ribbons.

She looks to be a woman of noble birth but the central cartouche, enclosed by its ornate scrollwork, is left blank so we can only guess at her identity.

On each side of the wide base Venus is depicted with Cupid in close attendance.

With the impressed Kochendörfer seal beneath showing the date of 1891, also numbered verso 177.8.1020

Just over 50 cm high and around 46 cm wide.

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