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"Le Bendeur" by J. De Roncourt

Item Description

This is an iconic Art Deco sculpture by Jean de Roncourt and arguably his most admired work.

The subject is an athletic male, wearing just a loincloth, straining to bend a large metal bar.  He is seen leaning back with one leg extended in front of him and the other supporting his weight.  His arms are outstretched to either end of the bar as he pulls the top part towards him while keeping the lower end firmly on the ground.

The quality of the casting is absolutely tip top and the clarity of detail - the man's face, hair, hands etc. - is quite superb.

De Roncourt was and still is regarded as the premier sculptor of the male form during the Art Deco era.

Made of spelter with a lovely bronze hued patina, and set on a black marble base measuring an impressive 72 X 17 cm.  Around 56 cm high to the top of the bar.  Signed in the marble.

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