Guerbe Zephyr
  • Guerbe Zephyr
  • Le Faguays \"Zephyr\"
  • Art Deco Guerbe \"Zephyr\"
  • Guerbe Art Deco \"Zephyr\"
  • Art Deco Guerbe Scarf Dancer
  • Art Deco Zephyr by Guerbe
  • Pierre Le Faguays \"Zephyr\"
  • Le Verrier foundry

Guerbe "Zephyr"

Item Description

Art Deco green patinated nude scarf dancer created by Pierre Le Faguays under one of his pseudonyms, Guerbe (his wife's maiden name) and cast at the Le Verrier foundry in Paris.

Titled "Zephyr" this lovely slim lady is seen arching her back with one arm held aloft as she looks upward while holding the scarf she's posing with.  She's standing on tiptoe with the scarf curving down gracefully behind into her other hand.

Signed Guerbe as well as Le Verrier and also with the Le Verrier foundry stamp.

A good strong Art Deco feel and a delightful statuette from any angle.  Dating from around the 1930's and approximately 30 cm. tall on its squared marble base.

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