Art Deco lady with birds
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  • Art Deco Bird Lady
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  • Exotic Bird Lady
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Dauvergne Exotic Bird Lady

Item Description

Very Art Deco lady posing and holding aloft a pair of exotic long-tailed birds. 

Our girl is modelled partially kneeling on a stylish marble and onyx base with one arm raised and the other held in front of her.  On each hand perches a curly-tailed tropical bird with wings fluttering.  She's wearing a short, figure hugging gold dress which contrasts well with the green patination of her face and body.

This is a nicely balanced and well made sculpture by the French artist J. Dauvergne whose surname is inscribed in the marble.

Dating from 1925-30 and around 41 X 13 cm with a height of just under 55 cm.

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