Bronze Nude by Philippe
  • Bronze Nude by Philippe
  • \"Awakening\" by Paul Philippe
  • Art Nouveau Phillipe Bronze Nude
  • Art Nouveau Bronze \"Awakening\"
  • Paul Phillipe Bronze Nude
  • Art Nouveau Bronze Nude
  • Art Nouveau sculpture \"Awakening\"
  • Art Nouveau nude statue \"Awakening\"
  • P. Phillipe sculptor
  • Awakening sculpture by Philippe
  • Bronze Nude \"Awakening\"

Bronze Nude by Philippe

Item Description

Superb patinated bronze sculpture of a voluptuous nude young maiden standing on a lion's pelt with her arms above her head.  Sometimes known as "Awakening", she is modelled stretching, having just started the day.

There are two or three versions of this piece, cast in different sizes and also with one or both arms at slightly different angles.  This looks the most natural and is in an impressively large size at approximately 69 cm high to her topmost hand.

She strikes a lovely, natural pose and looks totally charming with her head slightly turned to one side and wearing nothing more than a smile.

Sculpted by the French artist Paul Philippe (1870-1930), who studied under Antonin Larroux at the École de Beaux-Arts in Paris and regularly exhibited in the Paris Salons.

Set on an integral base with the signature of the artist faintly visible and dating from the late Art Nouveau period around 1919-1920.  Impressed number 158 together with either a 'V' or a '7' on the underside.

The lady's clenched hand has received a couple of small scuffs at some stage and these can be clearly seen on the last two enlarged photos. However, we are of the opinion that this passes as acceptable on a bronze of this age.  Very impressive on display.

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