Arts & Crafts dragon box
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Arts & Crafts Dragon Box

Item Description

Large Arts & Crafts box made of wood, the lid wrapped with a sheet of metal decorated with a wonderful repoussé dragon complete with a peacock glass eye.

We are not one hundred percent certain of the identity of either the wood or the metal, but an educated guess is that the box is made of sycamore or perhaps lime and the metal decoration is either pewter or possibly tin.

Whatever the components are, it's a great looking box with a strong three-dimensional look to the fiery creature on the lid.

The wood has been stained to an almost black shade and is finely hammered on the front and ends to match the same fine hammering showing on the background of the metalwork.   

A large oval ceramic Ruskin type cabochon decorates the front with the keyhole positioned immediately above, and the original key is still present. This locks the box when turned anti-clockwise.  The brass lock is marked 'Secure lock - Best quality -British made. 

The measurements are 37 by 16 by just under 12 cm high.

Price £360.00

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